MASAO – appealing in every respect

There’s hardly a shortage of them – men, who, when choosing their glasses, go for individual yet tasteful, masculine yet stylish models. Preferably models without any unnecessary frills. MASAO, the robust, masculine collection by VISIBILIA, is a treasure trove for this type of customer. Here, additional acetate corrective lenses expand the distinctive MASAO range. These models stand out with their excellent fit, true masculine colours (as seen here in the 13032 model in four colour combinations) and trendy designs. The attention to detail is evident: the partially matte frames contrast with polished areas. MASAO’s unique attitude to life is conveyed in materials such as posters featuring high-quality photographs and a video for the point of sale or shop display window. All MASAO marketing material is available for download in the online shop on the newly designed VISIBILIA website. For more information, contact VISIBILIA; Tel.: +49 (0) 7173 7140 0;

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