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The Visibilia Group, founded in Italy, is one of the few major international competitors managed by its owners in the field of corrective glasses and sunglasses. The company’s headquarters are now located in Heubach in Swabia, whilst another important part of the company, Visibilia S.A., can be found in Barcelona in Spain. As well as its own ranges Moxxi, Moxxi Sun, Visibilia TITAN and Masao which represent the basis of the company, Visibilia has concluded an intense license cooperation with the well-known international fashion company Tom Tailor since 2001. 2014 has been the year Betty Barclay entered as a very well-known and highly respected ladies fashion brand. 2018 is the year where Free Land &nd…

Visibilia Headquarter

„We love our product and live our design – for you – our customers.“

Visibilia – EYE PROFILE

Style &

„I like glasses, I like trends – always checking which way the marketing wind is blowing – even after more than 30 years’ experience in optics, I have retained the same curiosity about change and enjoyment of company organisation.“

Managing Director - Ralf Kmoch

„The Market and the daily related challenges, the search for solutions for our customers are part of my DNA. New collections, design developments und the steady contact with customers are still surprising and motivating me every day!“

Manging Director Spanien - Josep Bonmatí

„Effectively analysing EDP tasks, adapting everyday challenges to our system, looking for solutions and clearing up tricky questions – these are my daily challenges.“

Authorised Representative of Organisation/Head of EDP - Ralph Riedel

„With a B.A. in interaction design, I feel at home in the graphic world and am completely familiar with new media – our new talent in product development.“

Love of colour and attention to detail make the subtle difference.

Junior Product Designer - Jasmin J. Walter

„As head of the service department, I am always able to find special solutions for special challenges.“

Over 25 years’ service experience at Visibilia speak for themselves.

Head of the Service Team - Gudrun Spliethoff

At home in the world of numbers. As a persistent runner, a reliable and precise mind – and as head of the Finance and Personnel department, he is an important component of our internal and external operations.

„I am always at your service!“

Authorised Representative of Finance and Personnel - Jürgen Herter